Elelong is aware of the struggles real estate agents face in this current climate in Malaysia, that is why we have created an avenue to support you, beyond what an advertising platform can do.

Elelong’s unique selling point is below market price properties, offering Loan Support, SPA Support and Bank Valuation services. We work with many banks, lawyers, and local property investors. Our team of property values are highly capable of providing knowledge and expert advice to ensure each transaction will be a success.

We have also accumulated a valuable database of serious buyers and investors from our website and Facebook page. Currently, we have over 40,000 people showing interest in our properties and that number is growing day by day.

Aside from projects and subsale properties, we display properties for auction on our website as well. We reward our agents with attractive commissions when they have made successful bids for their clients.

You can also display your advertising banner for 3 months when you sign up with us, completely free of charge. We also offer free training to learn more about our property transaction procedure, how to use our platform, understand the auctioning process and many more.

We are also excited to announce that we are in collaboration with Cobroking.com, a free for lifetime platform only for real estate agents to extend their networks and opportunities even further.



Our aim is about empowering agents, and encouraging sales in the Malaysian property market.


In the next few years, we will work hard to see Elelong.com.my become the most popular website of choice by real estate agents in Malaysia, and adding more and more value-added services in the future.

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